About Us

Saaremaa Kriketiklubi was formed in 2010 and is one of the founding members of the Estonian Premier League.

Many of the teams that exist in Estonia today feature players that began their Estonian cricket careers playing for Saaremaa.

From 2014 to 2017, Saaremaa Kriketiklubi won the Estonian Premier League T20 title 4 times in a row.

In 2018 we joined forces with Tallinna Kriketiklubi to form the Tallinn Hippos, a team which plays in the Estonian men’s competitions. We had immediate success, winning the 35 over competition and were runners up in the T20 league.

From 2019-2021 we were runners up in the 35/40 over competition 3 times, the t20 competition once, and we were the champions of the European Cricket Series Tallinn.

In 2022, Saaremaa were the winners of the first ever Estonian Women’s League, and in 2023 were winners of the Naiste Esiliiga T10, Naiste Super 8 Liiga and Naiste Siseliiga Autumn League.

After the 2023 outdoor season concluded, Saaremaa and Tallinna’s partnership ended, with Saaremaa taking full control of the Tallinn Hippos moving forward.

So far in 2024, Saaremaa were the winners of the Naiste Siseliiga Winter League and the Meeste Siseliiga Division 2.

Saaremaa Kriketiklubi aims to be the first club in Estonia to have Men’s, Women’s and Junior teams. We are committed to growing and developing cricket in Estonia.